LOOKBOOK - adding lookbook item

video tutorial for lookbook

After finishing your theme installation, additional plugin is required for installation — WooCommerce Lookbook. After installation and activation of plugin, new WP admin menu item will appear «Lookbook» — «Lookbook», «Add new», «Lookbook categories».

Lookbook post type is created to work together with WooCommerce plugin installed. Lookbook item (lookbook single post) links individual WC products — a products which share similar concept or purpose.
Perhaps the best usage would be to make a showcase of clothing products that are wearable well toghether.

Some examples of lookbook item contents:

  • Lookbook item: Featured image with model wearing dress, purse, shirt, hat…
    — Linked single products: dress, purse, shoes, shirt, hat
  • Lookbook item: Toys package
    — Linked single products: individual toys from the package for single sales.

Adding a lookbook item

  • Lookbook categories — recommended to add categories, before adding any new lookbook item
  • In WP admin menu go to Lookbook > Add New Item
  • Set title featured image, and description excerpt (optionally)
  • select lookbook category (required)
  • Select linked woocommerce products (in «Lookbook settings» meta box, bellow main editor):
    • Drag products from right «List of all available products» box to left «Selected products» box
    • To remove products from «Selected products» simply drag back to «List of all available products»
    • Check the «Hide lookbook item title» if you don’t want to display title

Creating a lookbook page

  • In WP admin menu:
  • go to Pages > Add new — add title, select featured image (optionally)
  • select «Lookbook page» page template (in «Page attributes» meta box) and save page
  • in «Lookbook page settings» meta box (bellow the main editor) set the following options:
    • Lookbook categories — choose lookbook categories from which to display items
    • Number of lookbook items
    • Number of items in a row (or items columns)
    • Main lookbook image format — image format for main lookbook image