Theme options overview


Theme options overview

General settings

  • Dynamic CSS and JS — for theme options generated files
  • Site logo image
  • Logo, site title and site description on/off
  • Custom favicon
  • Placeholder image
  • Customize login page
  • Login page background image
  • Block non-admin users from WP dashboard
  • UNDER HEADER titles background image
  • Opacity for UNDER HEADER image
  • Toggle Visual Composer front end editor
  • Layout (float left, right, full width)
  • Smooth mousewheel scrolling toggle
  • Use Nice scroll on SIDE MENU and MEGA MENUS
  • Show breadcrumbs toggle
  • Language flags toggle (if WPML plugin is active)
  • Sidebar missing widget replacement content
  • Use preloader effect toggle
  • Hide edit pages metaboxes
  • Tracking Code
  • Theme contact form

Shop settings

  • Header cart icon action (popup mini-cart or link to cart page )
  • Catalog and single page numbers (Products per page, Products columns, Related total, Related columns, Upsell products total, in row)
  • Product categories catalog numbers (categories columns, image width and height)
  • Category images text color
  • Catalog shopping action buttons (toggle «Quick view», «Add to cart» and «Wishlist»)
  • Products catalog full width page toggle
  • Single product full width page
  • Cart and checkout full width page
  • Products display settings (Products display settings, Disable zoom button,Disable link button)
  • Image format for products catalog page
  • Single product image display ( slider, thumbnails or magnifier )
  • Single product image format select
  • Quick view image format select
  • Catalog page viewport animation
  • Product image hover animation
  • Product info hover animation
  • Display shop title background image ?
  • Shop title background image toggle


  • Google fonts or Typekit fonts (or system)? toggle
  • HEADINGS FONT : Google Font
  • BODY FONT — Google Font
  • HEADINGS FONT : Typekit font ID
  • HEADINGS — system font
  • BODY FONT — system fonts

Styling settings

  • Theme skins
  • Headings decorative styles with toggle and opacity
  • Images hover overlay color
  • Images hover overlay opacity
  • Links color (primary)
  • Links hover color (secondary)
  • Buttons background color
  • Buttons HOVER background color
  • Buttons FOCUS background color
  • Buttons font color
  • Buttons HOVER font color
  • Site background color
  • Site background tiles or uploaded images
  • Site tiles
  • Site upload
  • Site repeat, attachment, scroll
  • Body background color
  • Body background color opacity
  • Theme background tiles or uploaded images
  • Background tiles
  • Background upload
  • Background repeat, attachment, scroll
  • Header / Side menu background color
  • Header background color opacity
  • Side menu background color opacity
  • Header / Side menu font color
  • Header / Side menu links color (primary)
  • Header / Side menu links hover color (secondary)
  • Borders and lines color and opacity
  • Custom CSS

Header / Side menu

  • Side menu or header menu (layout orientation)
  • Predefined header layouts (for horizontal header)
  • Minimalistic header — sidebar animations (no IE9)
  • Logo/title height (width is auto)
  • Title font size (percentage)
  • Title word breaking
  • Side menu blocks (default)
  • Logo max height
  • Header menu Custom CSS
  • Header/menu blocks for MOBILE DEVICES
  • Header info / social links

Footer settings

  • Footer font color
  • Footer links and buttons color (primary)
  • Footer links and buttons hover color (secondary)
  • Footer background color
  • Footer background color opacity
  • Footer Credits text

Home settings

  • Blog home page title
  • Blog home page header background image
  • Upload blog home page header background image

Blog settings

  • Featured image size (in px)
  • Single blog page title background image (featured) ?
  • Blog archive title background image ?
  • Upload blog archive title background image
  • Blog CATEGORIES/TAGS title background image ?
  • Upload blog CATEGORIES/TAGS title background image
  • Blog AUTHOR pages title background image ?
  • Upload blog AUTHOR pages title background image
  • Post meta settings
  • Post date format
  • Show post format icons ?
  • Widget title icons ?
  • Archive/index page viewport animation
  • Taxonomies page (archive) viewport animation

Portfolio settings

  • Single portfolio page title background image (featured) ?
  • Portfolio archive/taxonomies title background image ?
  • Set portfolio archive/taxonomies title background image


  • Backup theme options
  • Transfer Theme Options Data